The work of love and solidarity continues at Tuol Kork, Phnom Penh “Don Bosco Vocational School” from one generation to another! It is now over ten years since the start of the Program.
Impelled by Don Bosco educational way, 60 Students from the Secretarial Course arrive early every Sunday morning at their school not as students but as teachers. Yes! In a short time, they pile into trucks and tuk tuks and travel to six villages on the outskirts of Phnom Penh where dozens of children and youth, with bare feet and smiling faces, are waiting to spend the next few hours together. As Don Bosco did in his time, they teach the value of life and how to live it in joy and brotherhood, adding lessons in some school subjects and crowning all activities with games and songs.
Most people their age would be sleeping in and enjoying their break from class. But these girls are different. They want to share the gift of knowledge and love received at school with youngsters who have fewer chances in life.
Sok Mean is one of the students who take part in the outreach program. She is a second-year student at Don Bosco, but on Sunday morning, she becomes a teacher.  She says she enjoys teaching English, because she can help those children who have few opportunities.
 “I want to help young, poor people. I want them to have knowledge,” she said. She says her favorite part of oratory is teaching and playing.

And she isn’t the only one. All the girls are full of life when they are around the children. Their love pours out in everything they do, whether it’s dancing to disco music, playing games or teaching. And in many ways, they achieve the goal of the Outreach Program: To begin as students and leave as leaders capable to up-build society by living and transmitting values and life to many poor youth and children. 
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