December 10 was an important date for the Educating Community of Don Bosco School (Phum Chreh) since it was the day that marked the blessing of the additional learning facilities of the school. The building constructed through the generous help and support of our benefactors (ACTS, Anonymous donor, friends from Singapore) and members of the Educating Communities in Cambodia was another milestone for Mary Our Help (Cambodia – Myanmar Province). Bishop Olivier Schmitthaeusler, MEP together with Dr. John Lee, Founder of ACTS, Dr. Gladys Wong (representing Dr. Damian Png – Chairman of ACTS and Dr. Eugene Loh (ACTS Mission Leader of Phnom Penh), Salesian Sisters, representatives of the Educating Community of Don Bosco School (Phum Chreh), ACTS Missioners of Phum Chreh graced the occasion to join the Sisters in thanking God for this marvelous gift to the community and villagers.

The current school building which was completed in 2002 accommodates children from Grades 1 to 6. The Sisters continue to offer quality education to deserving and poor children offering them free daily lunch meal and medical assistance. Moreover, they want to do more to keep the kids off the streets and to offer them more learning and formative opportunities. For this reason, a need the building was conceptualized in order to offer other basic school facilities which will provide a full day school (till 4 PM) offering an enrichment curriculum to keep the children engaged in school for a longer duration. The other facilities such as the Multi-purpose Hall, Teachers’ Room, computer Laboratory will also be functional to the teachers and staff which can serve as a conducive place for their weekly formation.

Some Pieces of Daily lives of Don Bosco Kindergarten, Phum Chreh

Our children learn by themselves by doing they are learning like Montessori way of teaching.


13-20 OCTOBER 2018

It was a historical meet because it is the first time the Buddhist and Christian Nuns come together.
Organized by the PONTIFICAL COUNCIL FOR INTERRELIGIOUS DIALOGUE in collaboration with the FO GUANG SHAN BUDDHIST MONASTERY, KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN, the meeting saw 70 Buddhist and Christian nuns coming together to deepen the theme: Active Contemplation and Contemplative Action. Seventy Buddhist and Catholic nuns, mainly from Taiwan, but also from other countries such as South Korea, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cambodia, the Philippines, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Norway and the United States, took part in the international dialogue.
Representing the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue are Bishop Miguel Ángel Ayuso Guixot, Secretary of the Department, and Monsignor Indunil Janakaratne Kodithuwakku Kankanamalage, Undersecretary with responsibility for Buddhism. Father William Skudlarek Osb, Secretary General of the Monastic Interreligious Dialogue (MID) and also consultant to the Pontifical Council, will lead a delegation of fourteen Catholic women from Asia and Europe and the Americas. A European delegation from the World Council of Churches in Geneva, led by Lutheran Simone Sinn, was also present.  
The agenda of the First International Buddhist-Christian Dialogue for Nuns - explains the Vatican note - includes the following items: The Origin, Evolution and Present-day Situation of Monastic Religious Life for Women in Buddhism and Christianity; Buddhist and Christian Approaches to Active Contemplation and Contemplative Action (Right Mindfulness and Right Conduct); Buddhist Meditation and Christian Contemplation; The Service of Buddhist and Christian Nuns to Humanity; Religious Women Promoting the ‘Feminine Genius’; Sharing Stories of Buddhist-Christian Solidarity and Envisioning Future Possibilities. 
The international dialogue seeks to achieve two main objectives: to promote the dialogue of spiritual or religious experiences and to create more space for women to participate in interreligious dialogue. The work of these days is marked not only by discussions in plenary sessions, but also by visits to sacred places in the region, individual conversations and small groups, testimonies of stories of solidarity.  
There were three fma Sisters participated, Sr. Teresa Joseph, Sr. Tomassina Lee, and Sr. Sarin Eng. it was a very enriching and learning experience. During the meet Sr. Sarin fma, shared her story of Buddhist-Christian Solidarity. Sr. Teresa Joseph, fma spoke on Religious Women Promoting the “Feminine Genius.”

I was chosen to be one of the panellists to share the stories of Buddhist-Christian solidarity; envisioning future possibilities. So I just share my personal story of Buddhist and Christian nuns in Cambodia. That was on the last day. From this experience, I was urged to reach out to the Buddhist nuns in my country. I hope that in the future, I will do something which I have learned from this conference with Buddhist religious in Cambodia. It would not be something significant, but perhaps just a starting step. Please, pray for me, Mother. I thank God, and thank to my Provincial: Sr. Jessica Salvana for given me this opportunity.
- Sr. Maria D. Mazzarello Sarin Eng 

Past Pupils Meeting – Phum Chreh

The first meeting of the Past Pupils of Don Bosco School was organized after the official beginning of the new community in  Phum Chreh by Sr. Maria Thao and the Sisters on September 14, 2018. Sr. Maria had invited Sr. Elizabeth Ophrinii the pioneer of the mission in Chreh and Sr. Leeza John Kokkatt, the responsible of Past pupils, Cambodia to join the meeting. It was a day of great joy to see about a hundred young boys and girls that had completed studies in the school, gather together with openness and simplicity at their alma mater. Sr. Maria welcomed them and introduced the sisters and the teachers. Sr. Leeza spoke to them about forming the Past Pupils Union in Phum Chreh and the events which will be involving them in preparing for the grand meeting with Sr. Phyllis Fma, the general councilor in the Institute.
Sr. Maria gave them  some points to share in groups and in the general assembly. One of the boys Veasana who just has just come back from Vietnam after studying Engineering, recalled his humble beginning in Phum Chreh with Sr. Ophriini. He is so grateful for the education given by the sisters.  Many others too shared beautiful experiences that they had in their school years . All of them realize that the basic education and the formation given by the sisters helped them to reach to present position (teachers, accountants, engineers, ….)  It was indeed a satisfying experience for the Sisters, teachers and parents to see those young boys and girls growing with dignity of life.

Thanks our beloved sisters!

The 12th of July 2018 was a memorable and glorious day for us, Salesian Sisters Center in Battambang as 12 Girls had completed their study in grade 12. Some of them, have lived with the Salesian Sisters Center almost 3 to 5 years. They are full of gratitude and joy and have shared their beautiful experiences wirh the Salesian Sisters Center in Battambang where they lived. 

Please listen to them:

Hongly: “I never imagined that I can enter the Salesian Sisters Center to meet all beloved and kindness Sisters. It’s the way of God and Mary who brought me here.”
Sopheak: “I have a chance to go to complete my Faith according to the Catechism program in the parish with our friends in Salesian Sister Center in Battambang. Thank you for your love.”
Marineth: “The Salesian Sisters Center in Battambang provided me a chance to know Jesus Christ and Now I am happy and enthusiastic to be a Catholic”.
Soknat: “It’s very wonderful, joyful and cheerful to know many girls because the center led me to be generous, Loving, sincere, forgiveness person, stronger, open heart, respectful to other, learning how to live together, working in the group”.
Thida: “I have lived with the Salesian Sister Center in Battambang, I got many good experiences that made me to become  a good person and to be myself, such as to share my own natural talent and to be a truly serve leader through Oratory Program”.
Sokunthea: “In this house, I had opportunity to change my life and I feel that the time flies even I have spent 4 years of my life. I really would like to continue to live here but it’s time to go. Thank you very much.”

All of them in unison said “Sometimes it is very difficult to leave from the family and to stay with others who come from different places, but we experienced differently. We received Good Education,  learned Catechism and Value Education, , experienced True Love and Care, imbibed Open Heart to Forgiveness, grew in the attitudes of Responsibility, Respect Each Other, To be friendly, sincerity and learned the art of Working in Groups, Living Together, To be oneself and no other, Helping Each Other, leader in Oratory program

Recognized that it’s the plan of God and Mary brought us in the Salesian Sisters and we are grateful.

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