Celebration of Feast of St. Joseph in Battambang community

Wed.19th March- Feast of St. Joseph:

Loving St. Joseph , faithful follower of Jesus Christ, we raise our heart to your to implore your powerful intercession in obtaining from the Divine Heart of Jesus all the graces necessary for our spiritual and temporal welfare.
We sisters have been preparing for this feast through good day and good night talk and so girls become more aware of his presence in their life. Through some incidents which we shared with them made them feel that St. Joseph can hear our prayer at any  moment.
Feast of Tahen church:
Since Bishop Kike has invited our girls to come for annual feast of St. Joseph in Tahen, and so this evening Sr. Lakana and our high school girls (40) went to Tahen to take part in the procession and thereafter for Holy Mass. There were many people to come to take part in it.  The procession was well done with atmosphere of prayer, followed by Holy Mass which was celebrated by Bishop Kike and other priests. He in his homily spoke about the life of St. Joseph and his faithfulness to God. After mass the snack was distributed to all the people.

Feast of St. Joseph – Animated Rosary in the house: Since high school girls had gone to Tahen for mass we as community has decided that our sewing girls can have animated rosary here in order to pray and ask graces from him. And so our girls were very happy to clean the statue of St. Joseph and to decorate it beautiful. Many girls by themselves prepared garlands and flowers for St Joseph. Since all the catholic girls had gone to Tahen for mass, it was nice to see our non catholic each girl wants to show her love to him. Sr. Blanchi with the help of them animated the Rosary. We had procession from our main door to Statue of St. Joseph with flowers, burning candles and bible was carried during the procession, and placed it front of the Statue. Prayers were prepared for various intentions. With silent of heart our girls prayed rosary and ask many blessing from him. Some of them prayed spontaneously for various needs and intentions. It was nice evening spent with St. Joseph. Long live St. Joseph.

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