Don Bosco School Teuk Thla celebrated the Feast of St John Bosco on 29 January 2016. In conjunction with the Jubilee Year of Mercy, the theme for the celebration was “With Don Bosco, we journey on the path of mercy”. To prepare for the feast, Good Morning talks on the preceding 9 days centred on the works of mercy and students were encouraged to show acts of mercy to their family and friends.
The day’s activities started with the Sisters, teachers and students walking through a ‘Door of Mercy’, made in the shape of a heart. Symbolically, this was an act of entering into the heart of Jesus, into his mercy and love. Each person was also invited to commit to the acts of mercy which they will perform.
To kick-off the games, 2 torch bearers from the High School handed the flame to Sr Ched and 2 Singaporean guests to light the cauldron. Participants then took a pledge to play with honesty and integrity.
First up were the football and volleyball matches between the Elementary School (Grade 6) and the High School (Grade 7). The teams gave their best, with the Grade 6 boys bravely facing their bigger counterparts. Following which, each school had their own intra-level games in sports that included high jump, long jump, running, football, volleyball, basketball, baton and dodgeball. An exciting cycling competition wrapped up the day, where the winner was the slowest rider past the finish line.
From the little kindergarten children to the elementary students and to the older high school youths, it was a joy seeing each person participate in the games as athletes, cheerleaders or spectators. While some may have been disappointed to lose a game, smiles and laughter filled the day as the children engaged in friendly banter and competition with their friends.
On this day when we commemorate the life and work of Don Bosco, we also remember and try to live out his words, “Play, jump, make noise. My only concern is that you don’t sin.”

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