Joy, excitement, happiness for Don Bosco Kindergarten children Phum Chreh

For the 144 Kinder children from Chreh village, Tuesday 28 March, was a great day at the Grand Phnom Penh Water Park. Everything delighted them: the bus, the journey and above all the water, clean, transparent, warm enough to swim, splash, and play for nearly two hours. For all or most of them it was the first time to enjoy such experience and some timid children found the key to smile and laughter.

The Water Park owners were surprised, happy and refreshed by such innocent crowd freely enjoying life among themselves and with the Sisters, Teachers, Assistants and the Volunteers.

Experience is the best teacher! So also today these children amid joy and excitement learned to appreciate the gift of clean, fresh water wherever it will be, to respect it, save it, and be grateful for it.

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