“Dig In The Treasure Within … Share!” - Youth Camp 2019

The Salesian Sisters held a Youth Camp on May 17-18, 2019 at Don Bosco School-Teuk Thla. Around 225 young participated.

Our Goal: Guide the young to begin to live a life of discerning one’s Purpose in life through a discovery of the beauty within.

Specific Objectives:
Bring the young towards a greater clarity of one’s purpose in life through the following:
· To listen to God’s voice in the silence of one’s heart.
· To discern one’s personal purpose in the world.
· To live it in “the today” that God gives.

Sharing of experience by Sun Sitha, studying in grade 11A at Don Bosco High School – Teuk Thla
It was on 17 and 18 of May 2019, I participated in the youth camp at school. First I did not know what the camp was about or how it looks like. I wondered so many things about the camp. So I decided to sign up with some of my classmates to get more knowledge about it. It was my first time and extremely amazing experiences that I have never had before. I just spent only 10000 riels. But I got so many experiences by learning new things from sisters. I appreciate the slogan “Dig in the Treasure within … Share” which was the main topic of the camp. Sisters described and explained to us about the talent we have. Sisters said, ‘everyone has talent, but sometimes we simply ignore our talent because it seems an ordinary thing to us. We have talents, and it is there, even if we haven't realized what it is. We may have been using it for years, it may be completely untouched. Just we need to work hard to find because it is there, hidden deep in our souls trying each and every second to shine out to the world. After the camp, I got to know who I am and what my talent was. I also knew a lot of people from Don Bosco Toul Kork, Battambang, and Teuk-Thla. I talked to strangers (young people like me) spent time together, dancing like dancers on the stage. It was the best time ever. I also had breakfast, lunch, dinner with them like a big family. And prayed before dinner and had lots of self-reflection and sharing and then we became peers.
Finally, I'd like to say thanks to sisters for organizing the camp at our school. Thanks for reading.

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