The 2nd Asian Pacific Regions Congress of the Past Pupils held in Thailand

“Open mind, attentive listening to create a hopeful future”was the theme of the Congress. In her message to the Past Pupils Mother General Sr. Yvonne Reungoat, mentioned that she well appreciated the theme and considers essential and urgent at the present historical time for the Asian Contex .

 The Congress began from November 9 – 13 with 95 participants from 11 Asean countries. From CMY province Sr. Leeza John Kokkatt, Sr. Agata Nant Myint the delegates and the president Ms. Lumorng Phuong with other representatives Ms. Dyna Chav, Ms. Malin Nov, Ms. Bunleak Nk, Ms. Ja Anw Lu and Ms. Ciin Dot Nuam participated in it.

Education and Defense of Human Rights by Sr. Maria Grazia Caputo and Defense of the family and Promotion of Women in Asia by Dr. P.R Amutha Arokia Mary were the main topics of the days. The other talks like: The FMA Past Pupils Association: A Generative Association by Sr. Mria Luisa Miranda ; The good night talks by Sr. Gabriela Patiño the World delegate and Maria Maghini the Confederal President also  geared to the theme of the Congress.

The panel sharing by the Past Pupils from Cambodia, Timore, India-Guwahati, Philippines and Thailand on how they live the Salesian value and spirituality in the Multi-cultural and Multi religious context was very edifying and touching moments. We could see that they have really imbibed the spirit of Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello. Many of them expressed that in moments of difficulties and problems they have a mother our Blessed mother to turn to and pray to her. If they are now in this position it is because of the values and the education they have received from the Salesian sisters.

The above mentioned two main topics Defense of Human rights and the defense of family and the promotion of women  challenged the past pupils to come out with concrete commitments in the group. All the groups underlined the importance of the Family and Human dignity. Each country drew out their objectives and activities for two years plan.

A day of outing to the Royal Palace followed by cultural evening added color to the final day of the Congress.

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