An unexpected visit in the midst of COVID 19 pandemic

“The Lord delights in those who put their hope in His unfailing love. (Psalm 147: 11)
Amid the difficulties of COVID - 19 pandemic, God’s loving and provident presence continues to show His compassionate love to the Sisters, poor families, girls and children of the FMA communities in Yangon Division through the kind visit of German Ambassador to Myanmar, Mr. Thomas Karl Neisinger.
In the morning of 31st July, Mr. Neisinger arrived in Auxilium community where the Sisters and students of Food and Home Management Vocational Training Center welcomed him and his entourage with joy. With him were Mrs. Mriana Knirschi, Counsellor and Head of Development Cooperation Department and Mr. Tomasz Schwarz, Beiersdorf (Myanmar) of NIVEA and Hansaplast Company.  They had a tour of the school and the Sisters shared to them the mission and varied activities of their community. After a quick coffee and teabreak prepared by the students,   they proceeded to St. John Bosco Community, Hlaing Thar Yar where the lovely and excited children waited for Mr. Neisinger’s arrival. He and his companions were welcomed with joyful songs and dances. Seeing the children, Mr. Neisinger asked them if they are happy to come to the Sisters’ place. The children with one accord gave him a thunderous “Yes” and upon hearing this he was moved to tears. He told the children the value of learning and assimilating everything that the Sisters taught to them. Moreover, he encouraged them to value, treasure, appreciate and live the knowledge they have acquired. The Ambassador and his companions had a great time being the children even to the point of playing with them. The children brought home with them some stationaries and food items to be shared with their families.
The Sisters shared to the visitors all the educative activities they carry out during the school year and showed the classrooms where the children are taught.
After a quick taste of some Burmese traditional snacks, Mr. Neisinger and companions went to visit some poor families of the kindergarten children who are living in the BOC traffic slum area. The visit gave them a glimpse of the educative and charitable work that the Sisters are doing to uplift the dignity of the poor children. Mr. Neisinger was impressed and expressed his great appreciation for the selfless educative service that the Sisters are carrying out for the poorest and marginalized ones especially in this difficult moment of COVID-19.
At the end of his visit he assured the Sisters of his desire to collaborate with them in this mission of helping the needy ones because he said “The world is like a big human family and we are asked to unite as one. So if one is in need, another one must help out.” Being the 30th Anniversary of the unification of Germany this year, the German government has expressed its willingness to unite not only with the countries belonging to the European Union, but also to unite with the Myanmar people.
The Sisters were captivated by the Ambassador’s simplicity, humility and his heart to reach out to those who are living in one of the abandoned areas in Hlaing Thar Yar especially in this time of pandemic.
It was indeed a timely visit in this time of pandemic that gives the Sisters and the children a sense of hope knowing that there are people who truly care for the poor and the least.

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