Cambodia – Myanmar for a Culture of Care as a Path to Peace


    Welcoming the New Year takes a different tone for the 9 communities of Mary Our Help Province (Cambodia-Myanmar) as they celebrated it opening the doors of their hearts and homes to families either of Christian or Buddhist religion who are given a treat for a day. The proposal which is intended to be a concrete gesture of solidarity to our brothers and sisters badly affected by the pandemic and a way to transmit to them God’s benevolence and love encouraged the communities to give up something to be able to prepare something special for the families.

    Such initiative was also a timely response to the invitation of the Holy Father for the 54th World Day of Peace with the theme “Culture of Care as a Path to Peace”. With the involvement of some young people and lay collaborators, the Sisters manifested their care for the families by bringing them joy, relief and making them experience what it meant to be treated in a special way, even just for a day. Some communities went out of their way to visit the families in their respective homes while others welcomed them in their convents where varied formation sessions like physical care, hygiene, and maintaining the cleanliness of the house were conducted to the family members. The festive encounter with the families ended up with a sumptuous meal bringing delight to the entire family. It was such an unforgettable day for all the families as well as for the young, lay collaborators and Sisters who volunteered to animate the gathering, leaving a mark in each one’s hearts!

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