Community of M. D. Mazzarello: Battambang

Community in Battambang started with its work in 2002.

 In the house we have a Literacy and Sewing course of 1 year and all the students, are boarding with us. Our house is, also, a boarding house for a group of High School students (Laura Group). At present we host 78 poor girls coming from different parts of Cambodia but mostly from Battambang.

Activities in the house
- Literacy and Sewing Course: 5 girls
- Boarding house for High School and Training Center: 78 girls
- Kindergarten: 80 kids
- After school program: 22 children
- Scholarship: 14 students from the villages
- Oratory 150 children
- Oratory leaders: 43 young people(10 of them from outside)

Activities outside the house
- Following up of 3 Parish Kindergartens: 200 children
- Following up Oratory in Parish 100 children
- Following up Oratory in Tahen Parish 100 children
- Following up Oratory in Omal village 
- Following up of catechesis in Parish: 200 recipients
- Dioceses Catechesis Commission FMA: 1

Literacy and Sewing Course

The program offered by the Center aims to provide to disadvantaged young women, especially to drop-outs and illiterate, an integral formation. Selection in the enrollment is necessary in order to choose the more poor and needy girls among the many applicants. The girls arrive to the Center sent by Parish Priest, religious, NGO and because they have come to know us from the past-pupils. To the girls coming from far away villages and the poorest ones it is offered the possibility to board at the school.

Laura Group 

They are 67 High School girls from Grade 6 to Grade 12 in need of love and hope. They are usually girls with difficult family situations and they are enrolled in nearby Schools. They are sent to us by Parish Priest, religious ... from different Provinces of Cambodia. We are the only possibility for them to continue their study and to be helped to grow at human, spiritual and moral level. They all board at the School.

Kindergarten school

One sister is following  3 Kindergarten Schools in 3different Parishes of the Dioceses. We are in charge of preparing the Program with the teachers, to check their lessons plan, to give them the necessary formation. These Kindergartens are at a different distance from our house and the most far away is at one and half hour from us. We are asked to be present in the School once a week. Our work is very much appreciated by the people and especially by the Bishop, the priests and the religious.

Four years ago we opened the oratory in the Parish. The girls that belong to the Laura Group are the leaders in the Oratory that with their enthusiasm and joy offer to the children time to enjoy, play and learn values through different games and activities. Every Sunday afternoon is a time of feast and sharing. Some of these children attend the catechism in the morning.
Last year we opened the Oratory in our house. There are more than one hundred children enjoying with the activities every Sunday.  We support the Oratory in the Tahen Parish, giving formation to the leaders and some of the Interns girls are the leaders with them.

After school children

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