Tuol Kork: Computer Course

Computer-secretarial course is a course for young girls, which lasts for two years and prepares girls for work in different companies in organizations in Cambodia.
Since its beginnings, in 1993, we educated 990 Cambodian girls from all the provinces of Cambodia, who now work in different parts of the country in help and support with its development.
  1. To provide basic general education, skills training in order to prepare them for immediate employment and a life-time vocation. 
  2. To help prevent prostitution, exploitation of women, ignorance and unemployment. 
  3. To educate poor girls and young women that they may become productive, upright person/citizens, aware of their dignity and rights. 
  1. Poor girls aged 18 to 25, especially those in moral danger. 
  2. Unemployed and out-of-school due to poverty. 
  3. Willing to receive education, acquire skills and later on work. 
  4. Prospective teachers and trainers who would be willing to share their knowledge skills with other girls, especially in rural areas.

Subjects offered that are offered are Computer, Accounting, Personality Development, English, General Office Procedure, Khmer Culture, Value Education, Health and Hygiene.

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