Our communities in Cambodia welcome volunteers from all over the world. Throughout the year we host 4 to 6 volunteers, who help in different communities. Most of them help with teaching English and spreading their talents among our youth. Their work is based on the needs of the Missions, so we always try to cooperate with volunteers to live in areas of the community where they will be of greatest service. The type of work that volunteers have been involved in includes teaching, assisting, medical care, computer projects ...

Time Commitment
Our projects start in September, and our activities are mainly concentrated on school year (from September to July), which lasts till the end of July. The minimum commitment is 1 year or 6 months for some positions (for example medical voluntary mission or special projects) it is possible to make it short-term. There are many reasons, why we cannot host short-term volunteers, but the most important is, that our girls are too vulnerable to live with many changes. Thank you for your understanding.

Our volunteers raise their own funds. We help with accommodation, food and Cambodian visa.

If you are interested in volunteering in one of our communities, please contact your local Vides organization or missionary office.

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