It was 7AM on Saturday morning (19 October 2013). Thirteen of us loaded onto a truck for our two hour journey to Takeo province. It was a special day for the girls.  After two weeks at the Don Bosco Vocational School, they would finally see their families.
We went from home to home, with nine in all. And at every home we were greeted with a warm welcome and several smiling faces. Some families shared fresh fruit. Others shared coconut water. But all of them shared stories. There were stories of poverty and hardship, stories of illness, but also stories of joy and gratitude. Many mothers welcomed the sisters with a warm embrace, thanking them for helping their daughters.
You could see the girls were at ease as soon as they arrived at their homes. Within minutes, they were buzzing up and down the ladders to their rooms.And their faces were filled with pride as they introduced their families.

After nine hours of walking through rice fields, we drove home under the moonlight. And we prayed to God, thanking him for his many blessings. 

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