Thanks giving letter to our dear friends: 

Dear Mr. Robert and All,

 I have a touching story to share with you. Last June 13 for the third dose
of the Hepatitis B vaccine, we had 2 doctors and a group of 10 medical
students who volunteered to help with the vaccination. Knowing that those
medical students all are from far provinces and staying in rent houses in
Phnom Penh for their study, we offered them a small allowance for 
However, they didn't want to accept the allowance saying that "we didn't
come here for that, and we thank you for this opportunity to serve and to
learn". As we insisted that they should have that allowance, they received
it, but then they all use those allowance to buy different kinds of 
for our school clinic saying that "we want to be with you to help the
students, the school." We were so happy to see the goodness is contagious,

We send you our sincere thanks.
With grateful heart,
Sr. Maria - Salesian Sisters in Cambodia

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