Tourism course at Don Bosco Secretarial Center for girls, Tuol Kork

The course on Tourism is provided to the students to enhance the students knowledge on travel arrangements and ticketing precisely, as the tourism industry growing in Cambodia.
The objective of this course is to develop Tourism  skills besides the secretarial so as to have variety opportunities for the girls to apply for job. Students are given exposure trip to  Airport, hotels and Mall etc. to widen their knowledge on sales and marketing , to understand the range of products, services and facilities about the hotel and Tourism industry.
It is for the first time many of our girls get a chance to visit airport and to enter into a Hotel or a big Mall. They wonder of many things in these place which they never thought of having an opportunity to see or visit.  These chances give them hope to look to the future with courage they could be one in this part of the society which is developing very fast.




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