When we found out about the catastrophe occurred in Nepal, the sisters shared the news with the girls and staff of the house. Some of them, despite not having much, they wanted to contribute sending some money to the missionary sisters working back there. Sister Gema was surprised how fast they offered their help and she told us that at the end of the conversation, one of the secretaries said “I would like to contribute economically” and right after she mentioned “I´m a bit worried about my family and my house, it´s raining so much and we couldn´t put the walls yet” (a house made by wood and tin). Sister Gema shared that this is exactly what makes her believe in the HUMAN BEING and in its capacity to LOVE, “the solidarity from the simplicity”. The desire of giving even when you are needy. And this is exactly what we have been able to live these days in which we all have worked together in order to collect as much as possible for Nepal.

The plan came up while we talked about the amount the sisters would be able to send to them from this community, which was not much. Here there is not money left over and very few girls, making a huge effort, can afford to contribute. Suddenly we had the idea that we could propose to the girls go dancing in the street and among all try to collect more. The excitement of the girls when we told them was tremendous and they immediately began to practice and prepare themselves.
After dinner we took a powerful speaker, some music, water to regain strength and all our energy and went to the river side to implement our mission. Straight away, the people began to form a circle around the girls and as one of them took the microphone and explained the reason for this initiative, a lot of children began to approach to leave some money. The next song they danced they did it with a mix of smiles and tears of emotion. They didn´t expect the reaction could be so fast.

As the plan was so hasty, not all girls could go and when we got home, all the ones who had to stay began rounding up those who had gone dancing as if they were superheroes, while they related so proud and excited how everything went. For them, to have the opportunity to cooperate like that has really been a gift.
Many times, we individually do not have the financial or material resources to do everything we want to, but there is always something we can do, and this experience proves it once again. WE OURSELVES ARE THE BEST RESOURCE WE CAN HAVE.
We danced two more times, this time with all the girls. The Taekuondo Teacher also wanted to participate with his group and Brother Tino sang some songs with the guitar. Together we have managed to collect 300$!! Here that quantity is a lot considering that in the local currency there are four notes valued at less than $ 1 ... they take space but don´t go a long way.

In short, it's great to gather for these causes, at the end we can really feel we are part of a big family and no matter what you have, you can always give, and that is the best gift.

We continue to pray for Nepal.

Sara Clabo (Volunteer at Battambang)

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