Gratitude Day, 27 February 2015, was a successful and memorable event at Don Bosco School, Teuk Thla, Phnom Penh. This year’s theme, “Nurture Life with Joy,” motivated the students, staff, faculty and sisters to pay attention to how our lives impact all of God’s creation, not just humanity.

 The festivities were kicked-off by Kindergarten, Elementary, and High School planting trees and other plants about the campus learning how important it is that we maintain nature in this world for the health of future generations. The Gratitude Day program included songs and dances about nature from the kindergartners, an enlightening song about the threat of deforestation from 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades, a look at traditional Khmer living in unison with nature accompanied by traditional Khmer dancing and live music from 4th, 5th and 6th grades, and a short play about the seed of life that nurtures all of creation from the high school students. The Home and Food Management students entertained all with a funny skit, some dances, and a look into how they nurture the ecology of DBS, Teuk Thla, and the faculty and staff put on a short skit about the importance of nurturing families. The entire day was filled by an abundance of joy, making everyone grateful for the life God has given to each of us and readying us to go out and find more ways of being attentive to needs of the world we have been given. Thank you to everyone at Don Bosco School, Teuk Thla for making Gratitude Day 2015 a huge success! 
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