“Life in the oratories of Cambodia, Battambang”

Dear Sisters, with a joyful heart, we, the Community of Battambang, invite you to come and see the joyful work that we and the intern leaders are doing with more than 300 children in three different oratories. 


First we want make a brief remembrance about the beginning and the purpose of the Oratory in Valdocco.


The aim of the festive oratory is to hold onto young people on weekends and feast days with pleasant and honest recreation after they have attended the sacred functions in church.

1. Holding on to young people at weekends, especially with a view to young workers who at weekends especially are exposed to great risk to body and morals; but students are not exclude if they want to come on weekends or during holidays.

“We have placed this Oratory under the protection of St Francis de Sales, because those who intend to dedicate themselves to this kind of work should take this Saint as a model of charity, good manners which are the source of the results we hope for from the Work of the Oratories.”       (Critical ed. in Regolamento dell’Oratorio di S. Francesco di Sales per gli esterni. Torino, Tipografia Salesiana 1877 (OE XXIX, 31-94).

              As we all know the religious situation in Cambodia is mostly Budist, so the aim of our oratories is: to keep the children from danger, bad companies and to help them to become better and happy persons in the future.

           After seen so many children in the streets near our house and in other areas, this year the Sisters, also moved by the “Dah Mihi animas,” decided to open two more oratories:

In the little village on Tahen, where sister Marisol works with the kindergarten staff and in our House. It´s been a challenge for the community, but the leaders (our girls form grades 10 and 11), and  us, are very confident that is not our mission but the Lord´s.

        We are having a wonderful experience with all the children and the response of the children has been positive.

       In Tahen we have about 150 children coming to the oratory. In this Oratory we have also invited the young people that lives there to be leaders and a large group agreed to learn and help and now they are working hand in hand with our girls.

        In the Parish we have a population of  50 children and in our House 150 children. The number is not stable, but every Sunday afternoon we meet with at least 320 children eager to learn and to have fun with games, value teaching, songs, dancing and art, etc.

It´s an experience that is helping our girls to become good and responsible leaders, and for Us, the Sisters is an opportunity to continue the legacy that our Dear Founders left us

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