Don Bosco Vocational Training Center for Girls, Toul Kork
8th March, 2016

 Students and teachers of Vocational Training Center for Girls had a beautiful experience of being with the poor and the needy on the occasion of the day of Women, 08th March 2016. In this Year of Mercy, the students have the project of reaching out to the poor.

The First Project was launched to help the victims of Chak Angre Kraom village, the Vietnamese and the few khmer families whose house were burnt a month ago. The students unanimously collected food items like rice, Noodles, can fish, washing soap powder, tooth paste etc..  The leaders of each class and the teacher in charge along with Sr. Leeza visited the place and distributed the love parcels to 97 families. The families were so happy to receive these simple food items prepared with much love by the students.

One of the representative of the women expressed her gratitude towards the students and teachers for their simple and small gesture of solidarity.

 May the good Lord bless you dear girls for being in solidarity with the poor. “There is more joy in giving than in receiving”. Continue the good work that you have started.

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