Don Bosco High School Tuek Thla during this time of COVID-19 Pandemic


On the third week of April, after Khmer New Year, since the schools were still closed, we started the online teaching for high school students  At the beginning it was rather difficult  to get the students to create groups accounts on facebook as well as work on gmail. Sr. Teresa Tuale, High School Principal, called first on the teachers to learn how to use the Zoom meeting program and to get the students to join as group by class. From the start, we focused on grade 9 and 12 students as they are preparing for the national exams. At the start only a few students joined but gradually more and more students joined the program.

In the month of May, we started online lessons also for grade 7, 8, 10, and 11. As for the other grades the same thing happened,  we got a few students for every grade, but little by little more joined in.. The parents have been much collaborative with the school by following their children on the online classes. The parents strove to provide the means for their children even though some of them are having difficulty to financially support the family due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They are hopeful and encourage their children to study and prepare for a future that is better than their present.

Monthly exams were given to all the participant students. They came to school to get the test paper which was distributed by dividing them in appropriate groups and places to maintain the required distancing.

Today online study is continuing with the satisfaction of everyone.

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