4th World Day of the Poor

The Auxilium Community in Yangon, Myanmar celebrated “World Day of the Poor” on November 15, 2020 with 45 poor families of vendors. Seventy-five persons from different slum areas of Yangon, who are daily trying to earn their living and that of their children by selling flowers, cigarettes, fruits, eggs, masks and some snacks, etc., arrived joyfully at the appointed time.

To prepare for the day the community fasted for a month and half by eating on two evenings per week only boiled-rice porridge so as to provide a good meal for some families and on the day, the sisters, together with the boarding students of the Home and Food Management Center, cooked chicken rice and served it with a large piece of chicken, vegetables and some appetizers.

In giving lunch to the people, we had to divide them in three groups in order to abide by the Government regulations since the rate of Covid 19 cases is very high here in Yangon. Joy and satisfaction ran through the group as all fed on such scrumptious meal.

Love and gratitude bloomed even more when, after lunch, we distributed to each family, with the gracious support of the Embassy of the Republic of Germany, Yangon, a ‘Love pack’ consisting of  rice, oil, salt, chili, noodles, beans, canned fish, fish paste, milo and also soap cream, hand sanitizer and Vitamin C tablets for virus protection. 

Indeed, it has been a deep joy for all of us to experience brotherhood in this time of Pandemic, to experience that God is ever present among us and that  this time He has manifested His love through the generous concern of the German Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar on whom we ask God to bestow His bountiful blessings.

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